Baldwin Titanium Bike Review

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Product Review of the Baldwin Titanium Bike!

Make:- Baldwin Titanium Bicycles

Manufacturers Details:- We specialise in building high end, custom fitted titanium bicycle frames to customer’s exacting specifications. We only build to order and we only build them one at a time.
Each and every bike is hand crafted in Beverley, East Yorkshire.  We believe that by focusing like this on one bike at a time, a truly special bike evolves. Each and every bike is made with passion and love – something that is hard to achieve in a mass production bicycle factory.
We believe that owning a bike that has been custom built to suit your body shape and your style of riding is the ultimate in bike ownership.
Added to that, we also believe that titanium is the ultimate material to build a bike with. The space age metal is super strong, light weight and corrosion resistant. Using only the highest quality, cold-worked and stress-relieved Grade 9 (3AL/2.5V) and Grade 5 (6AL/4V) seamless titanium tubing and components, we believe that a Baldwin Titanium bike frame truly is the ultimate bike frame for the discerning rider.

 Reviewers Comments:- Wow, I believe was the first comment made when I got my hands on this bike. Weighing in at just over 7kg, first impressions were very good.

Having changed cleats to accommodate the pedals, and being told that the tyres were race tyres (known in my eyes as slicks ) having never used these tyres before, I quickly became very excited to get on the saddle and head out into the Yorkshire country lanes. Although just as we set off, I was informed that it was the first time out on the roads for this newly built bike (no pressure then). Not really knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised what a smooth ride the bike offered. Light, responsive and solid on corners, riding it was an absolute pleasure. When we first came across a strong side wind, I was a little unnerved with the light bike, but after a few minutes this was no longer an issue. The gears changed very smoothly and the bike was very comfortable and responsive going uphill.

The specialised saddle was also very comfortable and Richard the designer and brains behind Baldwin Titanium, explained all about the different components that make the bike one of it’s kind. There was no vibrations through the frame, which can sometimes be found with carbon frames.

Would I recommend this bike:- Yes

Is it value for money:- Yes. Having a British made, hand built bike from Yorkshire, bespoke for each rider, I would definitely look to purchase one. There can be nothing better than having a bike made just for you.

Company knowledge of bike building:- Excellent. Richard is an extremely professional and thoroughly understands the needs of each cyclist he works with.


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