Le Col Womens Winter Jacket & Winter Tights

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Womens Winter JacketWomens Winter Tights

Le Col’s Womens Winter Jacket is the warmest Jacket we have tested for a long time. With it’s tailored fit, it’s very comfortable on and off the bike (yes we like to stop for coffee and cake on our product testing ride outs).

With it’s full length zip, wind stopper water resistant thermal front panels, it was the perfect jacket to test, whilst in the Peak District, training for L’Eroica Britannia 2016.

The jacket showed good flexibility whilst riding in and out of the saddle, and best of all, we found that it didn’t ride up like some jackets do at the back.

The jacket has 3 rear pockets which are a great size and one internal pocket. Le Col even have saftey in mind too with this jacket as it has a reflective stripe on the middle pocket at the read of the jacket.

Whilst this jacket is expensive, retailing on Le Col website for £170, it is worth every penny if you like to be warm during the winter months and like to have wind stoppper water resistant thermal front panels.


The Winter Tights have been designed to be worn with the matching jacket. Made from Roubaix material with a high quality gel chamois. With comfortable bib straps and warm lining, these bib shorts were just as warm and comfortable as the jacket, which was greatly needed whilst cycling in freezing temperatures along the Peak District roads.

We have always found bib tights to have some con’s attached to them, no matter how small, but these bib tights gave us no issues what so ever. Comfortable in the chest area, they are sleek, look great, fit like a glove and dont rub anywhere. The retail on the Le Col website at £140.



RockiNoggins Helmet Cover

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At the Cycle Show NEC this year, we were very lucky to have been provided with lots of new products to test, which were being launched at the show.

We spoke to RockiNoggins last year and it was great to finally have the chance to bring one of their very contemporary helmet covers back to the office this year.

They are very passionate about their products, especially as they have first hand experience in treating patients who have suffered brain injury. They want to try and encourage more people to wear helmets, by providing them with funky and practical helmet covers.

The helmet cover we tried, fitted our helmet perfectly and actually also provided extra warmth to , which is not part of their USP when selling them. The feedback we have received from people who currently don’t wear helmets as they don’t like the way they look, said that they probably would start to wear a helmet if they had a funky, fashionable helmet cover to go with it.

Our opinion about these helmet covers is, that they should be promoted and made available to purchase in the UK and that it might encourage more people to start wearing helmets and think about the safety benefits that a helmet can actually provide, rather than worrying about how they look.

The material is stretchy so it fits over the helmet easily and the water resistant ones, are actually water resistant.


The ‘birth’ of Rockinoggins is detailed below, which can be found on their website. www.rockinoggins.com


Helmet Cover RockinooginsIMG_3167

The Birth of RockiNoggins Helmet Covers

As an acute care nurse who has had exposure to patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI), my passion is to stimulate helmet usage by making it fun, fashionable and purposeful. I have partnered with Brain Injury Association, a non-profit  organization which provides assistance to patients and families affected by TBI.

RockiNoggins is the designer and manufacturer of helmet covers for existing bicycle and other sports related helmets.

RockiNoggins helmet covers are designed in Seattle, WA and are US patent pending.


The Hooky

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The Hooky which was launched at The Cycle Show NEC in September,is an amazing cycling accessory. You can now thoroughly clean your bike without having to lift it  whilst trying to cleaning the wheels etc. No more leaning against the wall to bring your bike back to new. It can not only be used for cleaning your bike but it doubles up as a mobile workstand too.

Coming flat packed, you do need to assemble it yourself, but with pre drilled holes and only having to fit 8 screws, it couldn’t be more simple. We did find it difficult to ensure the screws were screwed in tightly towards the end, but as long as you have an electric screw driver or someone with a bit more strength, screws can be fitted easily.

Potential buyers MUST check the dimensions of their bin first before purchasing, as not all wheelie bins are the same dimensions. Our test couldnt use the grey bin as the handles were too narrow, but the green bin was perfect. Again, always check there is some weight in the bin if your bike is a little heavy. Due to our bins having just been emptied, we couldnt use The Hooky for our Trek but it was perfect on a empty bin for the Olmo carbon fibre bike.

Still in the early stages of it’s development, the natural wood of the test product might not last long, if it’s used in poor weather, but as the utube clip below shows, you can varnish and stain it yourself to the colours you like, which is a great way to personalise the product.

Storage of the product is something you shouldn’t worry about, as it can easily be stored away on any hooks you may already have in your garage.

This product is a great invention and is already being used a lot in the Cycling For Girls household. We are looking forward to seeing how this product develops and the potential branding that will be added to it in later stages.



MDUK image

Medical Data Carrier Product Review

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Having had the chance to review this product, we have nothing but praise for this essentially lifesaving product. We found it very easy to attach to our helmets and it had ample space to write the important data needed to be known by emergency responders. All too often the first thing that helpers may do when assisting at an incident would be to remove a cyclists helmet, but this ingenious device warns those helping to leave the helmet removal to the experts. This product, as detailed on the website, could save lives, particularly when an injured cyclist may not be able to speak due to injuries.

We are looking forward to selling this product very soon.


Text below has been taken directly from www.medicaldatacarrier.co.uk

Medical Data Carrier (MDC) is a unique, bilingual, medical information system that provides critical lifesaving data about the wearer, and crucial emergency contact information in the event of an emergency. The highly visible, secure and aerodynamic carrier attaches to the left side of the helmet and is safe for all helmet surfaces. Bold text on the outside of the carrier warns good samaritan responders to leave helmet removal to those trained in the proper technique. Inside, a two sided, water-proof paper contains information on the wearer’s identity and medical history including information such as allergies, medications, blood type and pre-existing medical conditions, that assists first responders with the crucial triage stage of the wearer’s care


Hard Nutz Cycling Helmet review

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Twitter is a mind field for research when planning what blogs/product reviews you think are needed to help try and encourage more women to start and stay cycling.

There are many cycling helmets out there that are not only functional and safe but are also very ‘funky’ to wear. Now whilst we appreciate that people might say that looking ‘funky’ shouldn’t be a consideration, for us women, it’s important to look good as well as being ‘safe’.

Having come across HardnutZ Helmets last year, I have since been able to test one of their helmets and wear it with pride.

What a comfortable helmet it was. Yes it’s a bit pricey, but with great designs, an array of colours and easily adjustable straps, I am very pleased to be able to offer a great review on this helmet.

Product description from manufacturers website

Lots of  panels of White reflective 3M Scotchlite. Lightweight, in-mould construction. PC outer shell with impact-absorbing inner EPS. Sleek, aerodynamic road styling. 360 degree ventilation through 19 vents to help keep your head cool. Removable visor Dial-fit adjuster to ensure a proper and comfortable fit. Simple to adjust chin strap. Removable, washable padding. One size fits head size 54-61cms. Tested and certified to CE EN-1078.

*Lightweight, inmould construction.
*Featuring 13 panels of Silver 3M Scotchlite material.
*PC outer shell with impact-absorbing inner EPS.
*Sleek, aerodynamic road styling.
*360 degree ventilation through 19 vents to help keep your head cool.
*Removable visor

Monsal Trail 2

Family Trip to Monsal Trail, Peak District

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I have been wanting to see if the twins could manage cycling the Monsal trail and whilst we are back for a holiday and with clear blue sky’s and a free day, today was the day.  (www.monsaltrail.co.uk)

We parked at Hassop Station and paid £5 for the day (if you know where to look you can park for free but with two 6 year olds I was prepared to pay for the hassle free option).

The route from Hassop towards Monsal Head is slightly uphill but nothing too taxing- trains had to get up there after all in times gone by. The views along the way are breathtaking and we had several stops en route to enjoy them (and refuel the kids with maltesers!) The kids loved the I think 6 tunnels we had to cycle through in order to reach the end.

We got to the end at Chee Dale in about 1hour 45 mins and had a well earned hot chocolate at the Blackwell Mill Cycle Hire- which is a place as the name suggests where you can hire bikes but also sit in the sun and enjoy a beverage before the journey back. (www.peakblackwellcyclehire.com)

With the slight downhill on the way back, we made good time and made it back to Hassop Station  (www.hassopstation.co.uk) for a late lunch of homemade burgers. This place has changed beyond all recognition since I first visited, it is now a thriving cafe, gift shop, ice cream palour and bookshop, also with cycle hire. The food is good quality and reasonable value and it’s very popular.

All in all a really good few hours and another achievement for the kids.

The trail is popular with walkers, cyclists and a few horse riders but no motorised vehicles. Most people stick to the “keep left” rule, a few more signs stating this would not go amiss. The full route (Starting from Coombs Road in Bakewell) is approximately 8.5 miles each way. I estimate we did about 14 miles in total.


If you are ever in the Peak District, have bikes and a young family and would like a breathtaking scenic traffic free bike ride, then this is the one!


Aura Safety Belt Product Review

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It’s always hard to find the right product that will ensure maximum visibility to all other road users. With the increasing number of reports of cycling related accidents, you as a cyclist (or indeed runner), want to be safe and be confident that your choice of safety related cycling accessory can be as visible as possibly to all other road users.

Do you really want to wear a heavy, restrictive jacket which may be visible but really makes cycling uncomfortable?


Would you prefer to wear a small accessory (which is highly reflective) which can be used for other sporting activities too?

That said, this shouldn’t be used in isolation. You should still be legal when cycling, by using lights too, but with this belt and lights, there’s no mistake that your visibility will be much improved.

Having different ‘flashing’ options and being easy to change it’s size, its light and easy to remove and put on, this is an accessory that everyone who wishes to improve their visibility should purchase.

All belts have a warranty of 12 months for defects in workmanship or materials. Please see their website for further details. www.auracyclesystems.co.uk


Product description below, direct from Aura themselves.

We all know there’s nothing quite like cycling. Whether it’s your first bicycle as a youngster, a better way to get to work than standing on a packed commuter train, or simply as way to get outside and enjoy the parks and countryside close to you.
However it’s a frightening thought that in 2012 over 195,000 road casualties were reported to the police with  19,091 cyclists either killed (118) or injured (18,973) on the UK’s roads in 2012, and despite that fact, many chose to take their chances and ride in the dark, not a light or hi-vis vest in sight.

You can probably understand why some riders may not want to wear clothing that might be more appropriate on a building site or by the emergency services, so here at Aura we have taken a different approach to the problem, combining the latest safety ideas along with a sense of design, style and practicality.

To much technical acclaim from the cycling industry, Aura has released its first generation of LED safety belts. Utilising an Illuminon LED strip, combined with hard wearing, ballistic nylon, Aura’s Safety Belt, this unique product is the ultimate in safety wear for cyclists traveling in low light.

Traditional cycle lights only point in one direction, reducing their effectiveness for side impact vision. The Aura belt radiates a 360° glow, ensuring you stand out to all around you, wherever they are on the road.

Cannock Chase

Family Cycling Trip to Cannock Chase

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At the end of last year, we decided one cold Sunday morning to take the twins on an easy ‘off road’ cycling trip. After travelling about an hour to Cannock Chase, we were amazed what a fantastic place to go cycling, and especially good for the kids. The area and trails were stunning. The kids enjoyed it so much we went round twice. I think it was at this time that we decided the kids needed bigger bikes as they had really outgrown their ‘toddler’ bikes, especially my son, who seems ever keen to go off the trail (think this is a sign of MTB/BMX to come in the future.)

It was also a great place to pick up Chestnuts too that had fallen off the tree’s (yes, we did roast them later that evening)

Having researched a lot about Womens cycling, after this trip I then found I needed to investigate children’s bikes, clothing etc and seemed to really struggle to find a website which met my needs. So later this year, I might have an additional to this site, just for kids.

Whilst the trails were in great condition and the environment is great for families and beginners, as well as the advanced cyclists out there, the picnic area and cafe area was also fantastic. For those families that aren’t full of cyclists, there is also a Go Ape adventure zone too.

This is certainly a place that I’ll look to go back numerous times this year, and hopefully start to encourage lots of beginner female cyclists to also go and try a bit of easy off road cycling.

As a roadie, I’m very apprehensive to go off road, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to go back.





Cycle Show Trade & Press day

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What a fantastic day today. First trade show and had meeting after meeting…… Never have I met with so many positively thinking people about Womens cycling! Exciting times ahead.

Support for product reviews was amazing, one company have even developed gels and energy bars specifically for women, can’t wait to review those.

Tomorrow I shall be talking with cycling holidays and discussing plans for next years Festival of Cycling in Leeds…..