Cycling Equipment

If you are just starting out, the thought of buying a bike can be rather daunting. Below, we have tried to summarise what’s on offer.


Road Bikes

Usually starting from £400 upwards, road bikes are lightweight and as their names suggests, they’re meant for riding on the roads and not off-road. They  usually have thin tyres and drop handlebars.


Mountain Bikes

The mountain bike is the most popular bike on the  market. It can go anywhere thanks to it’s strong frame and wheels, powerful brakes and knobbly tyres. Whilst it’s slower than a road bike on tarmac, it can be adapted easily for roads, by changing its tyres to slicks (non knobbly tyres). These bikes usually start from as little as £250.


Hybrid bikes

These as the name suggests, are a cross between a road bike and mountain bike. They usually have  larger wheels than that of a road bike and with tyre  widths between a mountain bike and road bike, resulting in a comfortable ride. Most hybrids have flat handlebars, with mountain bike type controls. Hybrids  usually have the ability to load on mudguards. A good  priced hybrid can usually start from £300.

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