Cannock Chase

Family Cycling Trip to Cannock Chase

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At the end of last year, we decided one cold Sunday morning to take the twins on an easy ‘off road’ cycling trip. After travelling about an hour to Cannock Chase, we were amazed what a fantastic place to go cycling, and especially good for the kids. The area and trails were stunning. The kids enjoyed it so much we went round twice. I think it was at this time that we decided the kids needed bigger bikes as they had really outgrown their ‘toddler’ bikes, especially my son, who seems ever keen to go off the trail (think this is a sign of MTB/BMX to come in the future.)

It was also a great place to pick up Chestnuts too that had fallen off the tree’s (yes, we did roast them later that evening)

Having researched a lot about Womens cycling, after this trip I then found I needed to investigate children’s bikes, clothing etc and seemed to really struggle to find a website which met my needs. So later this year, I might have an additional to this site, just for kids.

Whilst the trails were in great condition and the environment is great for families and beginners, as well as the advanced cyclists out there, the picnic area and cafe area was also fantastic. For those families that aren’t full of cyclists, there is also a Go Ape adventure zone too.

This is certainly a place that I’ll look to go back numerous times this year, and hopefully start to encourage lots of beginner female cyclists to also go and try a bit of easy off road cycling.

As a roadie, I’m very apprehensive to go off road, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to go back.




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