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The Hooky which was launched at The Cycle Show NEC in September,is an amazing cycling accessory. You can now thoroughly clean your bike without having to lift it  whilst trying to cleaning the wheels etc. No more leaning against the wall to bring your bike back to new. It can not only be used for cleaning your bike but it doubles up as a mobile workstand too.

Coming flat packed, you do need to assemble it yourself, but with pre drilled holes and only having to fit 8 screws, it couldn’t be more simple. We did find it difficult to ensure the screws were screwed in tightly towards the end, but as long as you have an electric screw driver or someone with a bit more strength, screws can be fitted easily.

Potential buyers MUST check the dimensions of their bin first before purchasing, as not all wheelie bins are the same dimensions. Our test couldnt use the grey bin as the handles were too narrow, but the green bin was perfect. Again, always check there is some weight in the bin if your bike is a little heavy. Due to our bins having just been emptied, we couldnt use The Hooky for our Trek but it was perfect on a empty bin for the Olmo carbon fibre bike.

Still in the early stages of it’s development, the natural wood of the test product might not last long, if it’s used in poor weather, but as the utube clip below shows, you can varnish and stain it yourself to the colours you like, which is a great way to personalise the product.

Storage of the product is something you shouldn’t worry about, as it can easily be stored away on any hooks you may already have in your garage.

This product is a great invention and is already being used a lot in the Cycling For Girls household. We are looking forward to seeing how this product develops and the potential branding that will be added to it in later stages.



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  • Harry


    Hi Melanie,

    Thanks for reviewing TheHooky,glad you liked it, can I just clarify one thing about the wood,
    It is high grade exterior quality ply ( as used in boat building) so there really won’t be any long term problems from outdoor use. I’ve been using a prototype made from cheaper quality ply for 18 months and it’s still as good as new so I’m sure the production hooky with its better quality wood will last even longer.
    Your points about bin size are well made, it’s impossible to suit every different bin design but I think we’ve allowed for the most common.

    Thanks again for the review

    Harry Butterworth inventor of TheHooky


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